• Five Things to Consider Before You Refinance

    Interest rates are historically low – should you jump on the refinancing bandwagon? Thinking about refinancing your home? Interest rates are dropping and people across the country are looking for ways to make the most of their money.  While refinancing can help put a little extra cash in your...
  • Be Aware of Debt Management Scams

    Read on to get debt free now!  Such statements are common ways for debt consolidation companies to get your attention.  It is important to understand how debt reduction services work before you make an agreement with any of them.  Read the following blog post to get better familiarized with...
  • Be Cautious Of Debt Settlement Offers

    In today’s economy many people are struggling with their debts. Debt settlement companies are taking advantage of the situation with aggressive marketing, making many promises that are too good to be true. Learn about some of the pitfalls as well as some legitimate alternatives.
  • Smart Credit Card Debt Management Tips for College Students

    College students are in a great mindset.  They are out of high school, they have more freedom, and they may have a steady job making some money.  Unfortunately, many college students take advantage of the buy-now-pay-later mentality of the credit card world and find themselves in a position of...
  • How To Become Debt-Free In Record Time

    Learn the 3 simple steps you can implement today that will get you out of debt in record time. This program will work for all of your debts including credit card, auto, mortgage, etc.
  • Tips to Avoid Debt Management Services

    Debt management services are readily available to serve you.  Experienced vendors can get you well on your way to credit debt relief, yet there are a number of ways you can avoid a difficult financial situation to start.  Read the following blog tips regarding  debt management. Are you making...
  • Benefits Of The New Credit Card Rules

    Learn about the main benefits of the new credit card rules, and how they will affect your accounts. With this law now in full effect, some of the benefits are already helping consumers. This video will help you to take full advantage of the new credit card law.
  • Caught in a Money Trap? Keep Reading.

    According to a well-known proverb, “Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting a different outcome.” Same goes for financial matters. After all, there’s something a little crazy about falling into the same money traps over and over again (and expecting that, one day, things...
  • Simple Credit Card Debt Solutions

    Ideally, credit cards are used to help people build credit and to acquire large purchases without the need to have all of the immediate funds.  In short, credit cards are supposed to exist as financial tools to help consumers; yet, consumers often abuse credit card privileges or are not...
  • What Can I Do If My Credit Card Interest Rates Increase?

    With the new credit card laws in full effect many creditors have increased the interest rates. Find out what options you have if you receive a notice indicating that your interest rates will be increasing.