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Lower Payments Through Credit Counseling

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Powerful Benefits For You!

What You’ll Learn From A Free Consultation


  1. How Much You Could Reduce Your Monthly Payments By
  2. What Your New Monthly Payment Could Be
  3. How Much You Would Save In Total With This Program
  4. How Your Credit Score Is Impacted If At All
  5. Why We Are A Trustworthy, Legitimate Company With A Legal And Licensed Program
  6. How Soon Your New Low Payment And Savings Can Start.

We Provide Immediate Relief By:


  1. Having a certified counselor present your debt relief options, free.
  2. Reducing your monthly payments
  3. Reducing your interest rates
  4. Reducing the time it takes to pay off your debts
  5. Reduce or eliminate over the limit fees
  6. Reduce or eliminate late fees

Why Choose DebtGuru?

About DebtGuru and Our Services


dg-icon-114DebtGuru® is a licensed and certified credit counseling agency who has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and has been in business helping thousands of consumers solve their debt issues since 1998. Our debt relief program can be described very easily and with just two steps.

At the very start DebtGuru provides a 100% free financial evaluation, education and advice service. Our main priority is to understand what your exact financial situation is, what future goals you have then provide you with advice on how to achieve all of your goals. Very often we can create a plan that you can follow to achieve your goals on your own by identifying unwise purchasing decisions then creating and following a realistic budget. If this is your situation, all our help, information guidance and planning is free and we are very glad to provide it!

In other situations, your debt loads may be too severe to handle without some additional help from your creditors. In these cases, our parent company American Credit Foundation may offer you the opportunity to join our debt management program approved by your creditors. In this program your creditors agree to provide many concessions to help you with your debts which can include:

  • Reducing interest rates
  • Reducing your monthly payment
  • Stopping late fees
  • Stopping over-the-limit fees

The debt management program is designed to achieve very specific goals.

  • Reduce your monthly payments so you can pay on time again.
  • Reduce or remove payment penalties so you can get back to even again.
  • Provide a way to pay down and pay off your debts quickly.
  • Bring you back to a financially secure position as soon as possible.

Finding and getting help is fast and easy. You can send in a consultation request using the form above. Or you can call and speak directly to a certified credit counselor right now at: 800-259-0601

Our Credentials & Qualifications


 address-mapDebtGuru is a real credit counseling company with a physical location that anyone can come visit. With 17 years of being in business, thousands of success stories and being licensed to provide debt relief you can trust you are dealing with a legitimate trustworthy company.

non-profit debt relief

DebtGuru is a Non-Profit Organization
As such all of our credit counseling services are free. What this means to you is that we do not charge for our financial evaluations, education nor guidance to help you get the debt relief you need.



bbb-accredited-businessBBB A+ Accredited Business.
As an A+ Accredited Better Business Bureau company for longer than a decade, you can trust that we are serving our customers with honor and integrity year after year.

You can view and verify our BBB A+ Rating here



female-202Certified Credit Counselors
When you receive your free consultation and evaluation from DebtGuru you will be working with an experienced, fully certified credit counselor.

Our counselors are trained and certified in financial evaluation, debt relief and consumer budgeting.

Our Happy Customers

Thanks for all your help. You’ve been wonderful to work with. I am so STOKED to finally be out from under this. I couldn’t have done it without you. My credit score has already increased over 40 points.``

K. Stewart

Thank you for following up on this matter. My experience with American Credit Foundation and DebtGuru has been a pleasant one. I will highly recommend this debt management program to anyone who is in need of such services.

Jeanmarie Durando

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