How Debt Counseling Works

Free Financial Evaluations and Advice To Save You Money

mike-peterson-250Debt Relief can come in many forms so it is important to gain a simple understanding of the basic building blocks of a credit counseling and debt management program before you move on to learning about the various benefits. Below are the three essential pieces to our credit counseling and debt management program. Take the time to visit each area and familiarize yourself with the relief options we can help you with. If you have questions at any time please call us and speak to a certified credit counselor; we would be glad to help you: 1-800-259-0601

DebtGuru® is a licensed and certified credit counseling agency who has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and has been in business helping thousands of consumers solve their debt issues since 1998.

1. Get Started with Free Counseling and Advice

Debt relief starts with an honest and accurate evaluation of your financial situation. DebtGuru® provides free, private and personalized counseling services. In 15 minutes we can help assess your finances, provide advice and devise a plan to bring you back to a place of financial stability and security.
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2. Your FREE Credit Counseling Session

The second step in resolving your debt issues is to work with one of our certified credit counseling professionals as stated above. In this stage we will assess your income, your debts, your budgeting and spending habits in an effort to create a complete financial picture. Together we will determine if debt relief is needed or if simple changes in your personal finances can solve your problems. If your situation is such that small changes will not meet your goals we will work to develop a debt management plan. In this plan your creditors agree to provide relief from high interest, late fees, over the limit fees and other expenses that are causing your financial distress. Your assessment and advice is 100% free and you are never under any obligation to choose a debt management plan.Learn The Details of Credit Counseling

3. Completing A Debt Management Program

If your situation warrants it, a debt management program may be advised by your credit counselor. A debt management program is where your creditors agree to provide relief from your debts so you are given a chance to get your payments back on track and your finances stabilized. Debt management programs are highly effective because they reduce your monthly debt payments, create a predictable budget and ensure timely payments are made. Our avg. Debt Management participant saves $10,000 or more in lower interest payments.Learn Details of Debt Management Programs

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