• You Asked, We Answered:  Credit Card FAQs

    What’s the deal with “soft” vs. “hard” inquiries?  How does a secured card work?  How many credit cards is too many? As someone who has made a career out helping people with debt and credit card problems, I answer a lot of questions, and with good reason.  Credit cards...
  • 7 Financial Tactics for 2016

    Seven Tactics for a Financially Sound 2016

    It’s official: 2016 is here, and it’s a new year.  What better time to give your finances a fresh start?  Maybe you’d like to make 2016 the year you pay off that high-interest credit card debt or the year that you finally buy a home or bulk up your...
  • Credit Card Rewards That Hurt

    Five Not-So-Rewarding Credit Card Rewards

    Five Not-So-Rewarding Credit Card “Rewards” Have you shopped around for a credit card recently?  If you have, you probably noticed that there’s a mind-boggling selection of cards out there, each offering a unique combination of terms, interest rates, and – of course – extra perks. Credit card companies know...
  • Cut These 2016 Expenses

    Cut These Expenses in 2016 and Watch Your Savings Grow

    Want to make 2016 a great year for your finances?  The new year is a great time to set some money-related goals, whether you’d like to pay off your high interest credit card debt, beef up your emergency fund, or save up for a big purchase like a vacation...
  • 7 Strategies for cutting grocery bills

    Seven Strategies for Cutting Your Grocery Bill

    Seven Strategies for Cutting Your Grocery Bill Looking for a way to save more money each month? You might want to start with a long, thorough review of your grocery spending habits.  Are you overspending on fancy items you can’t really afford and don’t really need?  Are you going...
  • How to Be a Frugal Success

    Not-So-Frugal Mistakes that Frugal People Make

    Not-So-Frugal Mistakes that Frugal People Make A new year is just around the corner, and for a lot of folks that means a fresh start on finances: A chance to pay down credit card debt, save money, and create a budget. And if you’re planning on making 2016 the...
  • 2015 Tax Tips

    Save Tax-Time Stress with this Easy Checklist

    Save Tax-Time Stress with this Easy Checklist ‘Tis the season . . . to get ready to do your taxes. No, really. That may sound crazy – it’s early November, after all.  You haven’t even finalized your Thanksgiving menu.  You’re still trying to sort out holiday travel plans.  You...
  • financial-peace

    How to Overcome Common Money Worries

    How to Overcome Common Money Worries Money worries:  We all have them.  Some of us lose sleep over credit card debt.  Others are more concerned about “what-if” scenarios like getting laid off or getting hit with an unexpected – and costly – emergency.  And still others wrestle with income-related...
  • 8-holiday-tips

    Eight Tips to Save During the Holiday Season

    Eight Tips to Save During the Holiday Season  It’s official: The holiday season is here. There’s a lot to love about that festive stretch of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day: The parties, the food, the over-the-top decorations, and the gift exchanges are all part of what makes...
  • Credit Card Chip FAQ

    Chip Credit Card FAQs: 7 Common Questions Answered 

    You’ve probably heard a thing or two (or three!) about credit card chip, or “chip” cards by now.  It seems like for the past two or three months every website, magazine, and TV news show has done a story on the big transition.  And if you use credit cards,...


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