• Building A Great Credit Score

    Want to Build Great Credit Seven is the Magic Number

    Here’s something that might surprise you: While it’s absolutely true that responsible credit use is a must for establishing a good credit score and a strong credit history, time is also a factor. Simply having a few years of established credit is a step in the right direction. Sometimes,...
  • handle-debt-collectors-blog

    A Quick Guide to Dealing With Debt Collectors

    Debt is stressful, but falling behind on loan or credit card payments can open the doors to an entirely new level of stress – and a near-endless stream of calls from debt collectors. You’ve probably heard a story or two about debt collectors using scare tactics and less-than-legal tactics...
  • social-media-buying

    Friending and Spending Social Media and Money

    There’s more to social sharing sites than witty status updates, silly memes, and cat photos. Social media can influence our behavior in all kinds of ways, including our spending habits. This makes sense, if you think about it: There’s the friend whose Instagram feed is an endless stream of...
  • how-not-to-use-credit

    Purchases you should NEVER Make with Your Credit Card

    I’ve written several blogs about how to use credit cards the right way – paying off your balance in full; not applying for too many accounts; not treating credit cards like an emergency fund or a source of supplementary income. But credit card use isn’t just about behavior and...
  • How to stop Impulse Buying

    Curb Impulse Buying to Stop Overspending

    If you want to save more money, pay down debt, and become all-around more financially responsible, all you have to do is stop spending money on stuff you don’t need. Sure, that sounds easy. Just stop spending. End of story. But if changing your spending behavior were as simple...

    Six Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Credit Score

    Six Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Credit Score Ask most people what kinds of things can bring down your credit score, and you’ll likely hear the expected responses:  Paying your credit card bills late.  Maxing out your credit lines.  Having a high debt-to-income ratio.  Opening too many credit...
  • Credit Card F.A.Q

    You Asked, We Answered:  Credit Card FAQs

    What’s the deal with “soft” vs. “hard” inquiries?  How does a secured card work?  How many credit cards is too many? As someone who has made a career out helping people with debt and credit card problems, I answer a lot of questions, and with good reason.  Credit cards...
  • 7 Financial Tactics for 2016

    Seven Tactics for a Financially Sound 2016

    It’s official: 2016 is here, and it’s a new year.  What better time to give your finances a fresh start?  Maybe you’d like to make 2016 the year you pay off that high-interest credit card debt or the year that you finally buy a home or bulk up your...
  • Credit Card Rewards That Hurt

    Five Not-So-Rewarding Credit Card Rewards

    Five Not-So-Rewarding Credit Card “Rewards” Have you shopped around for a credit card recently?  If you have, you probably noticed that there’s a mind-boggling selection of cards out there, each offering a unique combination of terms, interest rates, and – of course – extra perks. Credit card companies know...
  • Cut These 2016 Expenses

    Cut These Expenses in 2016 and Watch Your Savings Grow

    Want to make 2016 a great year for your finances?  The new year is a great time to set some money-related goals, whether you’d like to pay off your high interest credit card debt, beef up your emergency fund, or save up for a big purchase like a vacation...

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