With the current state of the economy, even people who have been careful with their money are starting to feel the pinch of declining incomes and purchasing power of their dollar.  Many have reached a state where they continue to live paycheck to paycheck as most of their income goes to credit card debt, high interest charges and late fees. In these cases the amount of debt does not justify a severe reaction like bankruptcy. However there is a strong need to do better than just keeping your head above water. What is needed is a clear and proven plan to reduce your debts, reduce interest rates, late fees and gain control over your finances so you can breathe again.

This is exactly what Non Profit Credit Counseling combined with a Debt Management program provides.

Let us take a minute to explain these two services and how they work together to help you.

Credit Counseling Program

Credit and Debt counseling is a FREE process that evaluates your existing financial situation and determines appropriate solutions. A certified credit counselor will work with you to evaluate all details regarding your finances from debts and liabilities to your income and assets. Our Non Profit DebtGuru Credit Counseling Professionals conduct this evaluation as well as help you  examine your spending habits. The end goal of a credit counseling evaluation is to define your exact financial situation, understand the saving and spending habits that have led to this situation, and create a realistic detailed plan to follow to get out of debt and back to a solid financial standing.

Your credit counseling evaluation and consultation provided by DebtGuru is 100% free. You can receive this valuable education by requesting an appointment with us on the consultation form to your right. Sometimes your plan for success involves getting help with creditors, a reduction in interest payments, late fees and more. This is where the debt management option becomes a valuable second step in your solution to become debt free.

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Debt Management Program

In a debt management program we work with your creditors to gain relief from your debts. We have working relationships with thousands of creditors who are willing to provide relief to people like you in financial need. Some of these relief benefits include:

  1. Reducing your interest rate
  2. Reducing your monthly payments
  3. Reducing or even eliminating late and over the limit fees
  4. All creditors will also agree to stop collections calls.

This financial relief from your creditors can get you to a point where you can start paying your bills on time, get back on track and current with your debts.

Read a detailed overview on our Debt Management Program here

An Effective Debt Relief Combination

Credit Counseling provides the free education, financial evaluation and a realistic plan to solve your debt issues. Debt Management is the service that helps you make that plan of action HAPPEN, by getting your creditors to give you relief. Together Credit counseling and Debt management services work together to help consumers like you get out of debt with the approval of your creditors, without bankruptcy and without a loan. This is real relief offered by proven certified financial professionals that you can afford.

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