Debt Management can help the vast majority of people who are feeling financial strain. Below is a general description of situations where debt management can be a benefit. Do you meet some or all of these condition?

  • Are your monthly payments higher than your comfort level?
  • Do you pay your bills on-time, but tired of watching your balances go nowhere because of high interest rates?
  • Are you thinking about borrowing money to consolidate your debts?
  • Do you usually pay only the minimums on your credit card bills each month?
  • Have you fallen behind on your payments due to an emergency or unexpected expense, and find it impossible to catch up?
  • Does it seem like your financial situation is becoming unmanageable?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our debt management program may help you by:

  • Reducing monthly payments by 25-50%
  • Reducing or eliminating interest rates
  • Reducing or eliminating late fees and over limit fees
  • Consolidating your bills into one monthly payment
  • Stopping creditor harassment and collection calls
  • Accelerating payments and saving you thousands in interest

Call us today to learn more about how our debt management can help you. 800-259-0601


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