We have launched a comprehensive and customized financial help program to help you get rid of debt. If you are down with debts and looking for a solution, take a minute and look into our credit counseling program online. Our credit counseling program will help you overcome debt in the easiest and safest fashion. Once you get to the point that your finances are slipping out of your hands, you will be happy that you finally reached out for financial advice and help.

Our experienced credit counselors will offer you customized solution to help you do away with debt. We will show you how to manage the financial mess and take control of your finances once and for all. We have been helping people to better manage their finances more efficiently since 1994. We have the experience and expertise to help tackle any type of financial situation.

If our credit counseling program sounds interesting, then get in touch with us now. Our credit counselors will offer you the most customized solution. That’s just one of the reasons why our credit counseling program is so effective. You can pick the payment date that is most suitable for you. You may choose any day from the 1st to the 30th of every month. However, you should always keep in mind that you must choose a payment date within 30 days of enrollment for your first payment date. Our credit counselor then gets in touch with you with your new monthly payment and verifies your preferred payment date. We will then inform your creditors and make payment arrangements. Within a week or two you will receive a welcome package that confirms your debt management plan and includes other useful information.

Once you have enrolled in our program, we will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We will work with your creditors to get reductions in the interest rates, reduce monthly payments and do away with late fees and over-limit fees. So, if you want to put your finances back on track, check into our program for financial help. Without filing for bankruptcy, you will be able to quickly get yourself out of debt with the help of our credit counseling service.

That’s the hallmark of our ISO certified credit counseling program. Once the accounts are set up accurately, the program will almost go into “automatic” mode… I said “almost”. To make sure the plan is moving along properly you should continue to watch your monthly statements to make sure that the debt management plan is still operating properly. Make sure that the payments are showing up on the statements and that the posted interest rates are still at the negotiated rates. If not, you will need to contact our consumer credit counseling agency in order to have them fix the problem.

We follow a systematic and scientific procedure to help you get rid of debt. All you need to do is just fill out a simple online application and our credit counselors will take care of the rest by assessing your information and your preliminary online quote and will develop a credit management plan for you. The credit counselor will then get in touch with you with your new monthly payment and confirm your preferred payment date.

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