Credit card companies don’t just lend you money, they charge you interest on the amount that you borrow so that they will be able to turn a profit. The reason that the current credit crisis is taking place is that for profit creditors saw that the more money that they advanced to people, the more that they could charge those individuals when the time came to collect repayment. So when you start to look for credit counseling in order to help you get out from under credit card debt, why would you think about turning to a for profit company?

In other words, when it comes to debt consolidation non profit agencies and services are going to be able to do more to help you to get out from under the debt that you have been accumulating. Whether your debt comes from medical costs, being overly extended with major credit cards or you have charged too much on store credit cards – or some combination – credit counseling services that you seek should come from a not for profit company.

The program that debt consolidation non profit companies provide – is something that will open doors for you. When you are working with a company that will provide you with a National Institute for Financial Counseling Education certified counselor, you will be able to know that you are working with an advocate, someone who will be on your side and not just in it for a commission.

A debt consolidation non-profit service, of course – is not a process that simply replaces the debt that you have with one single, larger debt that you will need to pay interest on the way that some debt consolidation companies will do. These not for profit services involve a simple process by which you provide information about the debts that you want to consolidate to a counselor who will call your creditors, let them know that you are looking into getting out of debt and will then work to reduce your monthly payments and the interest that you will be paying on your accounts.

When you choose a debt consolidation non profit agency to work with, you are going to find the following:

  • You will be able to get answers to the questions that you have before you make a commitment.
  • You will have the opportunity to request a free quote that will let you know what the monthly amount that you will have to pay on your debts will be.
  • If you like what you see, you will be able to start right away – to set the payment date that works for you – and to get out from under the weight of your debt sooner than you may have thought would be possible.

When you choose a debt consolidation non-profit service to work with, in other words, you are going to find that you’re the one in control and that you will be able to gain the tools that you need to stay in control until you are completely debt free.

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