Debt Management with brings financial freedom.

Debt management can truly help the debt-burdened individual or family to eliminate their grim financial problem. If you are looking for a top class debt solution, we have great news for you… You have come to the right place. American Credit Foundation ( is a non-profit credit counseling organization that has been helping people to learn how to control their finances since 1998. Our organization can be your ideal destination for your debt management needs.

Our credit counselors are independently certified by the NIFCE (The National Institute For Financial Counseling Education). They are highly experienced in guiding you along your journey to a better financial future and your quest for a quality debt management solution can finally end here. Today, more and more people are finding themselves in what seems like a never ending debt spiral. Though they can’t change their past, the single question posed by debt-burdened people is: How can they get out of debt? Even though bankruptcy often seems to be an easy option for debt-burdened individuals, it is a decision that will potentially haunt them forever, because no one wants to lose their valuable assets such as house, car, and endure the stigma of the damage to their personal credit history.

If you are finding it hard to free yourself from debt, we can provide you with the right solution. Debt management involves taking simple yet powerful steps that help you bring your finances under control by figuring out a budget that will help you make headway on your bills.

Our credit counselors will walk you step by step through a full budget analysis in an effort to help you determine exactly where your money is being spent each month. Once we have identified your spending habits, we can help you decide whether or not you have expenditures that could be minimized or eliminated entirely. Many individuals are able to make ends meet and improve their financial situations just by taking the time to go through this process.

For those who still need additional help, you might be eligible for our program which will help to negotiate your account terms with your current creditors. With debt management, you can avoid extensive interest charges and late fees while consolidating your debts into a manageable form. We have a team of highly talented and independently certified professionals who can work with you as well as your creditors to structure an arrangement for you. All you need to do is to submit some basic information such as your name, address, email, phone etc. Once we hear from you, we put you in touch with one of our debt management specialists who can get you back on the right track to a bright financial future.

No matter how severe the debt problem you are facing, get in touch with us today for a proper debt management solution and you will be glad you did. Even if you are under the impression that the burden of debt seems to be unmanageable, with a little help and perseverance you can resolve the problem and come out on top. Remember that managing debt, instead of running away from it or ignoring it is the only way to truly regain your financial freedom. We have helped many people across the country benefit from our debt management solutions. You can be the next one to benefit from our excellent services.

Discover the pride of knowing you are on your way to being debt-free with our top quality service oriented solutions. When you enroll in our debt management solutions, you can start repaying your debt month by month (with lower payments and interest), until you are debt free in a much shorter time than you would have expected (on average between four to six years depending on your interest and payment amounts). Our counselors can tell you right over the phone just how quickly you could become debt free. Contact us today, and we will help you start living without the burden of debt.

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