Say “No, No, No!” To Holiday Debt

By Max Webber
In October 20, 2010

With the holiday season approaching quickly, it isn’t uncommon for people to start going out and, little by little, start shopping for presents for their loved ones.  With all of the excitement that this season brings, it is very easy to lose track of how much money you are really spending.  A TV here, a new outfit there, a couple of movies here – it adds up at a steady pace and at the end of it all, what are you left with?  A wallet full of debt.

Being smart about your shopping expenses is crucial during a giving time such as this.  When shopping for your loved ones, don’t go crazy and get everyone five different gifts.  One, or, at the most, two gifts are plenty for each person in your family.  I mean, think about it – the older you get, the less you really need anyway.  Also, a lot of this is not only determined by how much money you have and what you are buying, but where you are buying it.  If your daughter wants a new purse, don’t go running off to the Louis Vuitton department store.  Instead, check out places like Macy’s, Boscov’s, Target or Khols.  You can find a purse there that is just as stylish and half the price. 

It’s hard to approach this time of year and not be in the spirit of wanting to give give give to everyone around you.  Just go about your purchasing habits a bit differently.  Keep your credit cards at home when you go out so you don’t feel tempted into charging everything you want to buy.  Also, only take a certain amount of cash with you so it forces you to stop shopping once you run out of money.  No one wants to end up in debt, especially during this jolly time of the year.

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