Teach your children debt management from an early age

By Max Webber
In February 9, 2011

In America, we are subject to the daily lives of celebrities and sports figures; what they do, what they eat, what they bought and what they wear are just some of the common themes we see in the news headlines on a daily basis.  The issue is that these celebrities spending habits are typically glorified, which is not a good example for their fans that follow them.  They do not exemplify frugal debt management, and their examples, whether intentionally or unintentionally, are a bad influence on the younger generations.  Young men and women are constantly bombarded with images and messages that tell them they need the latest product; this sometimes leads to frequent credit card use and abuse.

Parents have a significant job when raising children, and part of that job is teaching their kids financial responsibility.  When left up to the world to teach children spending and saving habits, it is common to see credit cards and poor spending habits pushed in almost every area of marketing.  Some children as young as their teens can already be in significant debt trouble and require credit card debt consolidation services.  The influence of rich, young TV stars, models and sports stars need to be curbed to a degree where parents can explain to their children that although it is ok for them  to follow their favorite celebrities, they need to be taught discernment about the perils of frivolous lifestyles, and how they can translate into financial difficulty down the road.

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