Tips to Avoid Debt Management Services

By Max Webber
In May 21, 2010

Debt management services are readily available to serve you.  Experienced vendors can get you well on your way to credit debt relief, yet there are a number of ways you can avoid a difficult financial situation to start.  Read the following blog tips regarding  debt management.

Are you making bad decisions?

To begin, let’s make sure you are not making unwise decisions when it comes to credit cards.  Consider the following warnings:

– Having more than two credit cards

– Only paying minimum balances

–  You modify other bill payments to make minimum credit card payments

–  You charge items you can regularly pay for with cash (gas, snacks, etc)

–  You take out cash advances on your credit card to pay for other bills

If you do any of the above actions, then you may be on your way to a difficult financial position.  If you modify your behavior now, you may be able to avoid needing credit counseling.

There are a number of actions you can take to avoiding getting into trouble.  Consider the following.

Most people who seek credit card counseling find it hard to turn down a credit card offer.  Don’t commit to any new cards.  When you get a new offer in the mail – throw it away.

Avoid shopping at all costs.  This is easier said than done, but if you are quickly raising your credit bills then you are on your way to credit and debt counseling.  You must demonstrate discipline in regards to making new purchases.

In supplement to the above tip, cancel any recurring catalogs, which are sent to your home.  They will only serve as a reminder to shop.  Receiving regular invitations to spend is not a good way to keep away from a debt management program.

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